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What distinguishes Nada Alyasimen company mostly is the method of planning and putting a lot of attention to preparations and procedures of support to implement projects, which in turn leads to implementing projects of high quality and accuracy in work timing; further, the company has a wide relations with the governmental, mixed and private sectors inside the country.

1 . The Managing Director

The Managing Director is first person in charge of company management and supervising the workflow therein, in addition to the authorities vested in him by the founding board of company, such as administrative, legal and financial powers, along with controlling and directing the company’s business and follow up thereof, inspect it in a form that ensures the workflow in the best way, and suggesting an annual plan of the activity of company  and following up the implementation thereof. Preparing studies in order to develop the activity of company and follow up and supervise the work of inside and outside offices of company.

2 . Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of employees and persons who had established this company, and have solid experience in the field of management, and they are holders of high degrees in many fields of specialization. The Board lays out rules and practical plans for the company along with setting up the bylaw of company.

3 . Technical Division

This division consists of a group of engineering cadres under the headship of a consultant engineer with Ph.D. Degree, along with the executive engineers specialized in the fields of mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, and those who have the adequate experience to implement all kind of engineering projects, led by a chief engineer. This division comprises a number of sections (planning, engineering designs, project management and implementation, our branches in governorates)

4 . Legal Division

This division is concerned with the legal affairs of company, which contains Contracts Section that responsible for following up the legal procedures of contracts and projects awarding.

5 . Administrative Affairs Divisions

This division consists of:

A . Personnel: study the laws, rules and instructions of work and follow up their implementation, manage the needs of the company of all kinds of workforce, fulfill the procedures of employment and complete the file of workers and supervise the movement of attendance and leave.

B . Administrative Services

6 . Financial Division

This division is concerned with studying plans and suggesting the proper financial and financing policies that will ensure the workflow smoothly and the providence of liquidation in a form that fits with the reserves, develop cost systems and the documentary cycle and review it periodically in line with the requirements of stag, lay out financial regulations of all company’s activity in order to realize good control of execution and deceasing costs along with the ease of making decisions.

7 . Assets Divisions:

This division is concerned with the machineries, factories and all assets of company, to ensure the keeping of inventory and respond to the requirements of expending.

8 . Accounting Division

This division is concerned with the field of programming and contains Internet Section for the purpose of correspondence with departments, branches and cadres of company.

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